Share House

Share House is a good system for those who wish to spend a pleasant holiday. Take the opportunity to share your home with someone who is also interested. Leave a message explaining your interests, such as how many days you want to go on vacation, at what time of year, in what country, how many elements and ages, and anything else that might be useful. After being combined, you go to the house you chose, spend a few days, just like the other person comes to spend the same days in your house. This system is very useful. No need to pay to spend a good few days of quiet. Do not forget to tell that person what the conditions of your dwelling are, as well as the place where you leave the keys. To be really safe, it is convenient to prepare a sheet explaining that it allows that person to live their residence during the combined period, to print, to sign, to digitize and to send as an attachment in an electronic message. About the House Share: This site wants people to feel happy. However, since you are not registered as a company, you cannot charge a fee for the favors you can do. Due to the hard work and expenses to which I am subject, I thanked them for sending a contribution. € 500.00 worth of each user. But I also understand that in this case it was better to spend a vacation renting a house. If you can help, that’s pretty good. My thanks and my wish for good fortune are from now on.